Take Special Care Of Oily Skin

If the sebaceous glands or oil glands present in the skin become overactive the skin becomes oily, thick, shiny and dull on color. If the skin is constantly oily then it has rough pores acne and pimples. Sometimes the texture of the skin becomes so bed that it becomes embarrassing for the person to carry himself. The skin becomes prone to blackheads. The oil released from the glands comes out and gives a greasy and shiny appearance to the skin. The pores become enlarged giving a coarse and rough look to the skin.

Causes of Oily Skin

Heredity pregnancy, hormone levels, and intake of birth control pills, hot and humid weather, diet and excessive use of cosmetics few a few causes of oily skin. Usually the skin becomes oily at the time of adolescence due to change in the hormonal secretion of the body. Secretion of oil or sebum increases during puberty. But its quantity decreases with an increase in age. Hormonal imbalances during pregnancy and at the time of menopause also disturb the oil balance and an increase in the secretions of the sebaceous glands.

Oily skin needs care

The benefit of having oily and shiny skin is that the process of aging in this skin type is slower than in other types of skin. But special care has to be taken to prevent the occurrence of acne and pimples on this skin type. Regular and routine cleaning of skin with lot of water and soap prevents the clogging of pores. Do not use harsh products on your skin as it might strip oil from your skin and promote flakiness. Use of such products might cause reactive seborrhea a condition in which the activity of oil glands increases to balance the loss of natural oils from the skin. Do not use products that make the skin dehydrated. Such products cause shrinking in the upper layers of skin thus restricting oil flow from the pores causing oil blockages. Oil based products dissolve sebum and should be used for cleansing of oily skin. Use of oil free moisturizers helps in maintaining oil and shine free complexion. Try to keep your skin clean. Do not wash your face more than twice or thrice a day.

Excessive washing stimulates the oil glands to produce more oil.

Cleansers should be chosen with care. Do not use heavy creams harsh cleansers or soaps for cleansing. Soaps which are pure and do not have any artificial additives should be used for cleansing. Antibacterial lotions or medicated soap in combination with mineral water is good for oily skin type. A natural oil-free moisturizer should be used after cleansing, to make the skin supple. Always use hot water to wash your face. Skin oils are dissolved better in hot water than in cold or lukewarm water.

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