Different Aspects of Eye Care

Good eyesight is essential to perform nearly all daily activities, such as reading a menu, driving a car, crossing the street, watching a movie at the theater, just to list a few. A vast majority of people all over the world must rely on their vision every day. Unfortunately, there are now so many people who have vision problems more or less, varying from impaired vision to even legally blind. Both of the two sides urge ordinary people to take good care of their eyes.

The eye consists of several different parts, including the cornea, iris, pupil, lens and retina. While the cornea is the front transparent window of the eye, the retina is the verve layer in the back of the eye. In addition, the jelly-like vitreous fills the eye. Different vision problems may happen to different parts mentioned here. In this case, taking good care of the eye requires a person to be equally aware of all these parts.

When refractive errors are simply caused by irregular eyeball shapes, there are actually some common eye diseases associated with these various parts in the eye. As the leading cause of low vision, a cataract is the clouding of the eye lens. Glaucoma that damages the optic nerve will always cause vision loss. Macular degeneration as an eye disease that damages the retina is now the leading cause of blindness in the United States. Another eye disease named diabetic retinopathy is closely associated with diabetes.

Proper eye care involves many aspects, such as getting regular eye exams, wearing sunglasses on a regular basis, avoiding straining the eyes, wearing safety goggles, eating a well-balanced diet and so forth. Among all these aspects, some of them are closely interconnected. Sunglasses can protect the eyes from harmful rays in the sunlight, while safety goggles are mainly used to avoid eye injuries in some dangerous workplaces. Proper eye rest and relaxation and eye nutrients also affect each other.

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