Care And Cure For Your Pimples And Acne

When we talk about oily skin, it mostly means the skin of the facial area. The most common and important reason for pimples and acne is the oil secreted by skin glands. The following article would provide some information about the causes and remedies oily skin, pimples and acne.

The reasons for oily Skin

As the boys and girls enter into their teenage various glands in the body become more active and increase the quantity of their secretions. With the increased activity of different endocrine glands, the oil producing glands like the sebaceous glands also become more active. The size of these glands is larger in the region of the nose. The glands present here are also more active than in any other area. Therefore this area creates a problem of pimples and acne even with people having normal skin type. To hold the large quantity of oil produced in this area the pores are also large.

 The quantity of oil produced in each individual is determined by genetically. It is also determined by hormones produced in the body and the end organ response. The oil glands are known to be the end organ because these are affected by the activity of the hormones. At the time of adolescence, an increase in the levels of sex hormones or androgens increases the secretion of sebum from oil or sebaceous glands creating a problem of shiny, oily skin.

How to take care of oily Skin

As the genetic composition determines whether the type of skin you have is oily, dry or normal. So the only way is to care of it and stay away from various skin problems.

With exposure to external environment dirt and oil accumulates on the skin surface. The excess oil on your skin may collect and clog the pores making the situation worse. To avoid all this proper washing and cleaning your skin is a good way to avoid such a situation. Do not use very hot water, harsh cleansers or soaps to wash your face. These methods will make the skin dry and cause irritation
A mild and good quality cleanser can be used for cleaning your skin. It should not dry your skin.
• Use of oil based creams and cosmetics, aggravate the problem of oily skin and will cause the problem of pimples and acne.
• Always use water based cosmetics.
• Never sleep with your makeup. Always remove it before going to bed. Avoid the use of lotions and, cold creams. These may create a greasy coating on your skin.
• Increased uses of iodine intensify acne, and it is suggested to reduce the consumption of iodized salt and fish in food.

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